Delhi Pulao Biryani Recipe in Urdu | English | Hindi

I  want to telling you for Delhi Pulao Biryani Recipe in Urdu Hindi and English. We will give you a new recipe. The most commonly used in the world. India’s and karachi city is famous in Delhi. Becomes in our house and i eat a lot of fun. Delhi Pulao Biryani Recipe looks good at the cow’s meat and enjoys a lot of fun in the box. The Delhi Pulao is cooked very much in marriage. When a heart feels the best flavored fragrance of a wedding or party, whose perfume feels far away and the body becomes frozen to eat, then at the moment Delhi pulao is ready to cook at home. And with the garlic sauce, the glow of the yogurt increases.

Delhi Pulao Biryani Recipe (Delhi style Rice and Meat)

Delhi Pulao Biryani Recipe in Urdu | English | Hindi Delhi Pulao Biryani Recipe in Urdu | English | Hindi Print This
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  • 500-750g Meat (Mutton, chicken or Beef)
  • 500-750g Basmati Rice (soaked for 30 minutes) - (for a hotter masala use 1kg rice)
  • 200g Yogurt (beaten)
  • 250g Cooking Oil/ Ghee
  • 250g Onion finely chopped
  • ½ Milk
  • Pinch Food Colouring(s)
  • 1 Pack Delhi Pulao Masala
  • 25g Sabat Grm Masala


In about 1-2 glasses of Water add Meat, Laziza Pulao Biryani Masala (one bag only), cover and cook on a low flame until the Meat is tender (when the Meat is tender about 1 cup of Curry should remain in the utensil; if less, add the required Water).

• Now pour and spread the Yoghurt over the cooked Meat and Curry.

• Separately boil the soaked Rice in the equivalent amount of 12 glasses of hot Water with 2-3 tbsps Salt until half tender. Drain the Water thoroughly. Now mix the Milk in the Rice and spread the Rice over the Meat and sprinkle Food Colouring.

• Fry the sliced Onion in the Ghee/Oil until it becomes golden light brown and pour it along with the Oil over the Rice. Cook on a low flame until the Rice is fully cooked/tender. Mix well before serving.


You can present this dish with green sauce and read sauce. and raita.


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