5 AWESOME Apple TV 4k Tips You Need To Know

Do you want to be an advanced user of Apple TV 4k? Take a look at these expert tips.
I’ve previously written a user guide on using the new Siri remote that comes with the new Apple TV 4k, but if you want to go beyond simple and really take your Apple TV 4k to the next level you need to explore some of the more advanced features. and settings – some of which are hidden – on the new Apple TV 4k tips. In short, it is necessary to become an advanced user.

And the only way to do this is to learn about the more esoteric features and functions of your Apple TV 4k 2020 – things that are not clearly advertised or detailed in the instruction booklet. The latest generation of Apple TV 4k is an extraordinarily powerful thing. It is essentially a general hub for all your media and content within your home and Apple, thanks to HomeKit, will be further developed in the future as the Internet of Things becomes ubiquitous during 2020/21.
In this guide, you will learn how to use iPhone and iPad as an Apple TV 4k remote 2020, improve the sound quality of videos, add multiple Apple IDs, and even grab more aerial feet for your screen protectors. Let’s start with …

Set up the remote app to work with the new Apple TV 4k tips

When the new Apple TV 4k tips irst shipped last fall, many thought you had to use your new Siri remote to control Apple TV 4k. And at first it did. This is because the new shipped Apple TV, Apple had not updated its remote old iOS app to work with the new device. Luckily, Apple has decided to update the Remote application software, and now you can use your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad again as a remote control for your Apple TV 4k. Here is how to configure it:

  • Download the free remote app from the App Store on one of your iOS devices.
  • Laugh at the app and make sure your iOS device has your Bluetooth turned on.
  • On Apple TV 4 go to Settings> Remotes and Devices> Bluetooth.

Under the heading Other Devices select the name of the device (that is: the iOS device with the remote application you want to use) and pair it with Apple TV 4k.

You will now be able to use your iOS device to control your Apple TV 4.

Increase sound quality when using a high definition sound system

Apple TV 4k has some built-in bass audio capabilities. If you go to Settings> Audio and Video you will see a label that says “reduce loud sounds”. By default, this will become the majority of occasional users in-and you will want to have it in.
“Reduce loud sounds” is a feature that enables Apple TV 4k to detect loud sounds in movies such as a bang and reduce the volume of that specific sound to match the film’s overall normal sound output tips. This means that their ears are not blown out or that they are not going to wake people up in the next room every time an X-Wing blows up a TIE Fighter.

However, this feature also means those with sound systems, kick-ass people want to hear individual sound effects in their loudest audience – there IS the full potential of their system. It is easy to correct this, however. On the Settings,> Audio & Video page simply choose “reduce loud sounds” to OFF and you will hear the sound effects at their best.

Add more images for the aerial screensaver

The new Apple TV 4k has built-in various screen protectors. One of the coldest is called aerial. Extremely slow-motion video motion shooting of drones in the sky is displayed. Many Apple TV users think that the Apple TV 4k only has a few aerial loops: San Francisco and New York. However, Apple is actually constantly updating aerial loops with new images.

To get this new material just go to Settings> General> Screen Saver. With aerial selected as the type, in the next submenu called download new videos change it to a faster download cycle: you can choose from monthly, weekly, daily, or never. I like to adjust it daily, so I’m sure to get the latest footage when Apple releases it.

Apple TV 4k tips enable accessibility shortcuts

Like most Apple products, Apple TV 4k tips for a range of accessibility options. All of them are available under the Accessibility Settings> General> screen. However, while you can always go there to toggle them on or off, did you know you can set up an Accessibility shortcut on the remote Siri so that you can quickly activate an accessibility option?

To do this go to Settings> General> Accessibility> Shortcut accessibility. In the menu that appears, you will see you can choose between VoiceOver, Zoom, Subtitles and Audio Descriptions. From what you select now you will be able to quickly activate by pressing the Menu button on the remote Siri quickly three times.

Add multiple Apple IDs to search for different app stores

A great thing about Apple TV 4k is that the device can only handle multiple Apple ID logins and easily switch between them without needing a password each time. This means that if you have multiple Apple IDs for different country app stores (as I do for UK and US app stores) you can quickly switch between them and then launch the TVOS App Store to view country-specific apps available in various stores.

Just go to Settings> Accounts> iTunes and App Store> Add new Apple ID and add a second Apple ID. Once you have entered the username and password once the Apple TV will remember the second Apple ID tips. Now to switch between ID users at any time just go back to Settings> Accounts> iTunes and App Store and select the name of Apple ID from the menu tips. You will instantly change Apple IDs without the need to re-enter any password.






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