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The coronavirus has taken over the whole world. Corona map Site updated Is available in this website. I will show you in this post “Coronavirus Treatment at Home“. I suffered from coronavirus and recovered from God’s grace. I’ll tell you how to get rid of this disease without going to the doctor and the hospital. Today I will tell you how I did my treatment at home and in four days i was healed. And I’ll tell you what to do now. First of all close yourself and your family at home completely. And finally, I tell you homeopathic medicine for coronavirus.

Note: The country of death and life is Allah. This medicine is a means of preventing coronavirus.


How To Coronavirus Treatment at Home

Today I will tell you how to Coronavirus Treatment at Home. Maybe what I tell you may sound bad to you, but this is the right way and the best way to avoid this deadly disease. If I say that it is not a cure for a deadly disease then it is a lie. Because there is a cure for every disease except death. Pray to God to save the whole world from this CoronaVirus (COVID-19). What are the symptoms and treatment of Corona Virus disease? Flu, cough, fever Is this a deadly disease? The answer is no, because these three diseases are very ancient. The corona virus is a disease. Symptoms of Coronavirus disease appear in 1 to 14 days. These days you will have a cough and then a mild fever , Feeling tired, and shortness of breath. Corona disease treatment easily at home.

Precautions for coronavirus Treatment at Home:

  • Make the most of your time at home.
  • Complete your sleep.
  • Use semi-hot water and drink it.
  • Use dates and fame.

Ask your God for forgiveness for what you have done. Coronavirus is the punishment of Allah. Allah gives death and life only. It is best that we all worship God in our homes. It is only by worshiping God at home that we will be saved from this coronavirus disease. The best treatment at the home.


homeopathic medicine for coronavirus Treatment

Coronavirus Treatment at Home

Homeopathic medicines T24 and T28 have recovered enough coronavirus patients. Treating the underlying symptom of the coronavirus will prevent the disease from progressing.

T24 Homeopathic Medicine: Provides immediate relief in any type of cough whether it is dry, mucous, black cough or sore throat. Very useful in coronavirus disease treatment at home. Because this medication has helped patients suffering from the coronavirus get better soon.

T28 Homeopathic Medicine is useful in all types of fever, seasonal effects fever, pneumonia, influenza virus, fever with sore throat. This drug is very effective in influenza virus as well as coronavirus.

How to take this homeopathic medicine of coronavirus treatment at home?

Put 15 drops of these two medicines in 1 teaspoon of water every 2 hours.

Final Word

We provides in this article homeopathic medicine for coronavirus treatment at home. And also we provide to you corona map site updated. From the corona map you will find out how many people have died from coronas around the world, and how many people have been affected by this deadly disease. If your knowledge has increased from this post. So please share it with friends and social media to save people life.

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