Astro File Manager for Android free Download latest Version 2023

The Astro File Manager for Android 2023 is a powerful mobile application for the Android OS that allows you to manage files on your phone without the need to connect it to a computer.

Imagine something that looks like Windows Explorer on your phone where you are able to see folders and files with easily distinguishable icons making this mobile application highly intuitive and easy to use.

Astro File Manager for Android free Download latest Version 2023

Using the Astro File Manager on your mobile phone allows you to copy, paste, move, delete, and open files and apps. This management app also allows you to create folders and move files in and out of folders. Another convenient feature of this app is the ability to select multiple files and performing actions on the files. This app also has a search feature which will certainly help you in looking for your files.

Astro File Manager

Managing your apps has never been easier with the interface of this app. You can view your files in view options like; details, icons, thumbnail list, and thumbnail view icons. The app also shows the details of apps and files such as the file size, package name and version number.

The Astro File Manager for Android also has the ability to create backups of other Android apps to an SD card. This means lesser freeing up your internal phone memory and moving them to your SD card.

The Astro File Manager can also kill other running applications and send files as attachments. This file management application is capable of zipping up files, thus freeing important disk space on your phone or SD card. The file manager can also read ZIP and TGZ files.

This is indeed a very useful app for managing files on your Android powered phone. With all the useful apps out in the market today you need one app that is able to handle all the files, folders, and installers – that app is Astro’s File Manager.

It has all the elements that you look for in a file management application, especially for a mobile one. It has an intuitive user interface that can easily be understood and used by almost everybody. This app is absolutely free and is certainly a must have to keep your files in order.





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