Ledum Palustre 30c 200c & 1m Uses Side Effects [Marsh Tea]

There is also one Ledum palustre out of medicines in homeopathic medicine. We will tell you how it is used to make use of its benefits. There are medicines for every disease, it is also used in many diseases, especially for which medicine is used. Read our post.

What is Ledum palustre?

The Ledum palustre is prepared from a plant named Marsh tea. All parts of the plant are taken in work, it contains a special smell. In traditional medicine, the plantation period has been mixed with various medicines in different diseases and differentiate also. The poison of this medicine is attributed to many forms and aspects of the snake poison. It is a sign of the disease starting from the left like a calm. This medicine creates a bloody body like oak poison and it is also a victim of medicine Oak’s poison. The friction of high-speed appliances and friction from war and road, scratches and deep discounts come to the homeopathic lead category, and it is a quick drug.

Ledum palustre 30c uses

The patient feels severe acute shortage. The mental condition fills breathing and breathes, the cold feeling is poured out. It feels cold and the feeling of cooling is hot. In the same way, nerves are cut during operation, the wound also appears to be apparent, but the pain remains. Ledum palustre 30c works for these symptoms, while the use of Ledum palustre 30c is not useful in the wound of the nurse, then it affects Ledum palustre 30c. The vomiting which is found in the feet of the feet is due to the deformation substance. If the rest of the cold or cold water and heat increases, Ledum palustre 30c greatly affects them. Ledum palustre 30c Psorinum is considered to be a drug associated with them because relaxation of joint pain cools the patient and feel indoor internally cold. It is a sign that you associate with Psorinum.

Many diseases of the eye are given to Ledum palustre 30c, if the eye is hurt and the nurse is damaged, start at a time, the claim is very useful in the eyes and the sands come out of red-gray It is also painful to touch, besides the heat of the bed cannot tolerate, it is irritated in the nose, Ledum palustre 30c is very useful for all these diseases. This medicine is useful in certain signs of the eye. If the eye gets hurt, Ledum palustre 30c will work. A sign of the Ledum matches pulsatilla. It is not difficult to distinguish both of them in the medicine if any organs remain late for long, then it starts shrinking and weakening, in the same way as a leader in a leg, it also creates syrup in the other leg sometimes typhoid It also happens from the effect.

Ledum palustre 200c

Ledum palustre 200c affects Gentiva patients. Ledum palustre 200 pain affects all things until the solid substances like the fluid and clay, it also affects the skin, and it is also useful for the dying of insects, especially if there is a pain in the injured place.

The problem of sitting in the knee joint is also very good, this diarrhea works very well, a urine sign comes with gel sum medication open and unhealthy urine, but if there is a problem with the kidney, it will be given another medicine. And if the patient starts red particles in the urine, then it is given to the Ledum palustre 200c.

One of the symptoms of Ledum palustre 200c is also to reduce the amount of coughing with a cough. The blood vessel is called the name of the body, and in the breath of respiratory traumatic pain, it feels difficult to breathe, plus the body cool. It remains but the intensity of heat cannot tolerate and the burning groove feeds.

Side effects

Side effects are not special, it does not harm if the medicine used in time and if it is used in semi-hot water, then read the disease well then consult the doctor then use the medicine as much as possible. Used as per the time, no use is used if it is used as a medicine, and take medicines in spoon water. Should be used three times a day in the morning, shoulder mouth should be used in the cool place before the meal and even before the night.





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