26 Best Cool Android Hacks and Tricks/Tips 2021 [Without Rooting Your Phone]

Today I will share some Best Android Hacks and Tricks/tips 2021 with you. You can do everything Without Rooting Your Phone, tips, and tricks 2019 will be very beneficial. How to use them and to download today we will discuss in detail.

Millions of people in the world are using Android OS because it is very beneficial to use it. Now we have the idea about best android hacks no root Tips and Trick 2021 to talk.

So that you can easily use it without routing the mobile. Before doing all this, we must know some things so that everything can be easy to understand. We should know something about it.

26 Best Android Hacks and Tricks/Tips 2021 [Without Rooting Your Phone]

Let’s start with friends so that you do not waste time for people. The following will discuss the best android hacks no root tips in detail, you can use your mobile to customize using these android hacks and tricks 2021 without rooting. The purpose of writing this post is to guide you so that you can learn anything easily by knowing these tips.

Hacks & Tips For Android Hacks No Root Device:


#1 Hack Games Without Rooting

Through this process, you can hack the game of your choice. Interestingly, you can take action from this defect like a rooted device. With this app, you can get many coins and rewards in the game. Simple words can do everything you can.

#2 Record Your phone Android Screen

From the name of screen recording, you will know what it is in detail. Through this app, you can keep track of any of your friendly friends and your brother what he is doing. You can easily record any mobile. You can avoid a lot of losses and keep your loved ones badly doing it is very useful.


#3 Control Desktop From Your phone Android

According to technical news, Google is currently amusement to google-Market in the name of Chrome Remote Desktop. With this app, you can easily use the computer desktop on your mobile phone. In simple words, through this interface, you control everything in the device. This is a very useful thing for mobile users.

Tips#4: Automate your phone Android Settings

Whichever command you give to the mobile while holding the mobile, it will capture all these commands from you and it will show you whenever you need it. I would also speak plainly in words, why we have this application with our command.

Tips#5: on your Android Use “Edge Display” 

Through this, you can take any type of display on your mobile phone. It is a very useful thing for you to keep your CPU cool. Which group can you do with your display through this covenant?

Tips#6: Run Your Favorite Old Games to Use Android Emulators

It is a pleasure to install the old game on your android mobile. It is true that old games are played easily and are very fun. By installing it you can install the old game of your choice and play it with fun. There is an example of old times old is Gold.


Tips#7: Control Your Electronic Smart Device With Your Android

You can easily use all the devices ie ACC TV and LCD devices through your smartphone. All this is easy and fun.

Tips#8: Customize the Navigation Buttons In Android phone

Many people own that beautiful custom made for your mobile navigation This app is for those. Anyone can easily Customize ends with the mobile navigation through the app.

Tips#9: Spy Your Incoming And Outgoing Calls Using Automatic Call Recorder

You can block any call without routing the android mobile. You can keep track of every call on your mobile phone and can block or unblock it.  Must you can stop doing spamming with simple words in your hands to do this.

Tips#10: Hide Any Whatsapp Media from Phone Gallery

This app is best for you if you want to hide your videos and your photos from Whatsapp. You can easily find videos from the Wats app and hide your gallery too.

Tips#11: Remotely Control One Android With Another

Yes, you read well, you can control the other Android mobile through your Android mobile easily. You can do this without rooting the mobile. There are 2 to 4 smartphones at home, you can easily control them by connecting them together. I will make over the next post in order to guide you. you read android hacks and tricks for hacking.

I have been taking a long day to write this article I do not know whether this article will be like your people or not.

Tips#12: Use Both Data & Wifi at the same time

Data connection and WiFi could not use at the same time in earlier times. Modern technology has made it possible that you can now use data connection and WiFi at the same time. There are Super download and Speedify apps by which you can take two tasks. The advantage of these apps is that your net speed accelerates.

Tips#13: Night Mode Feature Add In Your Android

Night mode Futures are very useful for your android, you should use it. You can easily activate Knight Futures without routing the mobile. It will give you light in the dark and will be a low light show so that your battery does not cost much. All this will give you an opportunity to read in our post.

Tips#14: Install Linux On Android Phone

It’s a bit difficult to install the Linux on the Android device. But you can use some chip to install Linux on your mobile phone without having to root it. I think I should make a post over it.

Tips#15: Play YouTube Videos in Background

If you have a mobile bread, you need to know about x power app. With this app, you can run any YouTube video background on your mobile phone.

Tips#16: Using Android Device As Second Monitor

Interestingly, you can view your computer desktop or Mac device on a separate monitor. You do not have to root mobile for this process.

Tips#17: Set More Than One Ringtone

Many people are worried about how to set up the ringtones on different numbers in our mobile, I will tell you today that it is very easy. You can set different color tones easily, without rooting your mobile, you will not be too difficult in that process.

Tips#18: Add Home/Back Soft Button Keys On Android

It’s very easy to adjust the Home/Back Soft button key in android phone. You can now easily have any need to change your mobile phone. Very soon I will make a post on it. android hacks and tricks is very nice and best post for you.

Tips#19: Using Microsoft’s Cortana On Android

Microsoft Cortana app is installed in win 10 and it has many benefits for the user. This will match you with a Microsoft Play Store. It’s very fun to see it by using it.

Tips#20: Remove Stock Apps in Android

Do you know how slow the app installs before and their work is not enough? That’s why it’s better to update, we should keep in mind that the old pilot should always be an editor, without having to Without root android it all with android hacks and tricks.


Friends today tell you one important thing you will benefit from knowing. The CPU of any device is very important, the system does all the same. We can not do anything without CPU. We have to look at the temperature of CPU. No mobile temperature should be high because it is harmful to the mobile. We can not easily check any mobile temperature for which we need some hack tips. Today I will tell you where the mobile temperature can be easily checked. For this, you have to go to the power line app in Google Play Store. There you will find mobile temperature easily. If your mobile temperature is growing significantly, then contact your mobile shop for any of your own.

I have discussed in detail about Best android hacks and tricks 2021 no root tips. I hope you will not be too bored, believe me, these tips will work for you. If you like this my favorite, please share this post with your friends and also share on facebook.





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