How to Pray Namaz For Female/Male And Beginners Step By Step

How to pray Namaz very important in Islam religion. We will tell you in this post how to pray namaz for Female or Male and Beginners Step By Step. It is trusted that correspondence with Allah will convey life to the devoted and bring them strength.In the world of this chaos, one thing forgets. please read our isamic apps post for

He is praying today we are telling you about the importance of it, along with this, we will also tell you about what time it is read. How to read it and what should be done in the prayers of women and men. Apart from this, any information you want to know is telling you today and read our article. To understand anything, it is important to go on what it benefits and how to affect our lives. However, many questions that were in our mind wanted to give them answers in their post.

What is Pray / Namaz?

Prayer is the best source of the closeness of Allah. Prayer means to attract God and pray to Him. In supplication, man communicates his tendency to Allah.

According to being a Muslim, it is important to know what is the prayer? Prayer is a pillar of Islam. It is very important that Muslims should read five-time prayers regularly and have a great impact on their lives. One day, if a person with five-time prayers regularly. If you read, it is very comfortable and it is for whatever it wants, besides it, there are many benefits which we can not even mention, the prayer is something that can make you a perfect human being. No one misses. Banning also gives the value of time to the person as well as the time of staying there, even if there is a five-time prayer praying from many diseases.

What is Prayer timing?

It is important to go before it is time to pray or whether we want to know what is the prayer timing. The prayer period of the month of prayer is that when the medicine is meant to be mediocre, the meaning that. Allah has obligated the 5th prayer and prayer of Muslims. Now we have to see what time should be given. What time should I read? A Muslim pleases his Lord for five times prayers in the day. Prayer should be read according to the time of prayer. Muzzan gives five times prayer. when it becomes a party of servants after that time. To prayer timing.

Prayer in Islam 

There is a great significance of prayer in Islam. By praying, the person receives a person from the evening in the evening, the one who reads prayers always gives a happy life. There are many benefits of prayer in Islam. Prayer in Islam is very important. A Muslim is present in front of Allaah five times in the day. Prayer is offered in Islam through prayer. There are two ways of praying in Islam. The way the women differ, namely, its name is different from the name of the person. In prayer, men praying separately in Islam and reading the woman separately will also tell you about it. In addition, the prayers offered in the present days are different, that different sects are different prayers, but the correct prayer is the one that we want to tell you in our post is the correct way of prayer.

It is also permissible to read the prayer in Islam. The way is to clean the place, the person clean, keep it clean at all times, and keep yourself clean from dirty things. Take care of pure purity as a true Muslim The sign is half-faith, so we should take care of the cleanliness. We are Muslims, so we need to take care of ourselves as well as keep ourselves in every way, even if we are still wearing a drink in our diet. We should also keep our intention clean, it is also a sign of faith to clear Muslims’s intention.

There are many benefits of prayer in Islam. It is beneficial for every prayer which prohibits the fasting prayer because there are many blessings in religion and world that Allaah has given to him. He is always happy to live in his generations, Allaah never leaves him empty hands. There is a lot of benefits in the prayers of Fajr. Similarly, reading the rest of the prayers is a lot of benefits, there are many diseases that protect us, and there are many things that we keep safe, and restricts five times of prayer due to the intellect. It’s a ban.

Prayer for Men/Women and Beginners

The way of praying men is completely different in Islam, they pray in the mosque, and pray for the women because of the curtains because the woman can not pray in the mosque because the woman is in the house to ban the time of prayer. Keep the house clean. Women should read in this way, not even a part of their body is seen outside the sheets, and the head hair should not be seen. Also praying sincerely, praying is a reward for rewarding

Prayer importance

What is the significance of prayer is the most important question that prayer is very important? Reading a prayer gives comfort to the heart. The mind gets relaxed. The body remains thick. There is a lot of benefits to reading prayers, of which I tell you about a few things. Everything is easy with prayer. The disease of all kinds and problems is the only solution prayers.


How to Pray Namaz For Beginners?

How to Pray Namaz For Female?

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